Stainless Steel Cladding – Millennium Tiles

November 7, 2016

Stainless Steel Millennium Tiles are an ideal choice for a wide variety of Cladding projects whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Millennium Tiles are available in a full range of high performance custom colours, shapes & profiles, all of which are created using a unique process which draws colour from the material, leaving a permanent multi faceted finish that will never fade, peel or chip.

The quality engineering gone into the Millennium Tiles  allows for people to be able to walk on the tile, provides noise deadening and adds texture to the building whilst also remaining lighter and stronger than any other metal tile or shingle on the market.

The unique interlocking design system makes for a tight waterproof fit, avoids the use of clips or exposed fasteners and takes less time to install, also allowing for quick repair of individual tiles.

Millennium Tiles permanently colours stainless steel tiles will provide your project with an honest, timeless and classic look, delivering a combination of extreme durability with design versatility.

All Millennium Tiles projects include a 50 year warranty on the finished product.

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