Achitectural Facades and Metal Cladding

Architectural Panel Systems manufactures a wide range of high quality architectural cladding systems in a unique range of colours, materials and finishes.

Architectural Panel Systems produces standing seam cladding, interlocking panel, flat lock panel, cassette panel cladding, APS rib cladding, batten seamAPS composite panel, APS tiles and Millennium tiles. Most cladding is available in basic metals like Colorbond and zincalume as well as speciality metals such as Corten, zinc and stainless steel, copper alloys or prestige materials like coloured stainless steel.

Architectural Panel Systems is based in Geelong but has recently completed projects in Melbourne, Barwon Heads, Anglesea and as far afield as Alice Springs and Cairns. Architects, designers and builders can achieve the desired look of any project using Architectural Panel Systems metal cladding. Select the links for more information about Architectural Panel Systems, recent projects and news.

APS Composite Panel

APS Copper Composite Panel Our trademark Copper Composite Panel embodies the nature, look, feel, performance and prestige of natural copper sheet, combined with the features and benefits of a composite panel core which is strong, lightweight & processing friendly. Copper Composite Panel is commonly used for exterior wall cladding and facades, curtain walls, partition walls, ceilings,...
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APS Rib Cladding

The rib profile of Architectural Panel Systems APS rib cladding makes it suitable for many applications. It is ideal choice for architects, designers and builders as it can be used on straight or curved surfaces. The rib profile can be horizontal or vertical depending on the surface it is fixed to and as it is...
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APS tiles – Architectural Cladding Panels

Architectural Panel Systems APS Tiles are an innovative system used for wall cladding, facades and roofing applications. Small or large pre-formed APS Tiles create an elegant finish that is unique, exclusive and unmatched by other metal tile systems. APS Tiles offer infinite design possibilities and greater flexibility, helping designers achieve their desired look only limited by their imagination. Diamond, square, shingle,...
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Batten Seam Cladding

Architectural Panel Systems specialise in unique architectural cladding systems including batten seam cladding. Batten seam cladding is a popular choice by architects, designers and builders. It is a traditional metal cladding technique involving the use of timber battens and capping strips. Flat metal lengths are separated by wooden battens which are then covered with metal caps. The...
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Cassette Panel

APS Cassette Panel System is a versatile, express joint cladding system which offers an innovative facade solution that provides a modern, excellent flat appearance. Cassette Panel The concealed fix method of the Cassette Panel creates a basically maintenance free facade option due to no caulking or silicone joints being required, while allowing for expansion and...
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Flat Lock Panel

Architectural Panel Systems Flat Panel Lock creates a simple, yet modern and elegant solution for Cladding & Facades to provide a longitudinal flat seam. Flat Lock Panel Flat Panel Lock is a traditional system which when installed creates multiple aesthetics depending on natural and artificial light reflection directly on the panels. This cladding technique creates...
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Interlocking Panel

Architectural Panel Systems Interlocking Panel provides a modern solution for contemporary wall cladding and facades. It’s flat, recessed interlocking joint system is a sophisticated European style cladding that has a uniquely elegant appearance. APS Interlocking Panel offers an exceptional amount of freedom when implementing design ideas. With the option of diagonal, vertical and horizontal installation, complimented by the designers choice of panel...
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Millennium Tiles Cladding

Stainless Steel Millennium Tiles are an ideal choice for a wide variety of Cladding projects whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications. Millennium Tiles are available in a full range of high performance custom colours, shapes & profiles, all of which are created using a unique process which draws colour from the material, leaving a permanent multi...
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Perfdek 700

Download Our 3D Interactive Perfdek 700 PDF Download Our Perfdek 700 Installation Detail For CAD Files, please email            

Standing Seam Cladding

Standing Seam façade panels are a simple, clean and elegant system which can be tailored to suit both heritage style and contemporary style designs, whether it be Residential, Commercial or Industrial. All Standing Seam cladding panels are continuously rollformed, allowing us to form panels as long, or as short as you like. Each Standing Seam...
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V300 Panel