Batten Seam Cladding

Architectural Panel Systems specialise in unique architectural cladding systems including batten seam cladding.

Batten seam cladding is a popular choice by architects, designers and builders. It is a traditional metal cladding technique involving the use of timber battens and capping strips. Flat metal lengths are separated by wooden battens which are then covered with metal caps. The battens can vary in shapes and sizes and provide a means of securing the cladding metal.

Architectural Panel Systems manufactures batten seam cladding in an extensive range of materials and finishes including classical metals such as copper and zinc or modern choices such as Colorbond, coloured stainless steel and titanium.

Architectural Panel Systems also produces alterative styles of architectural cladding systems including standing seam cladding, APS rib cladding, interlock panel cladding, APS Tiles and Millennium Tiles.

Architectural Panel Systems is based in Geelong and work throughout Victoria including Melbourne, Ballarat, Bellarine Peninsula and along the Surf Coast. Download the Batten Seam Brochure for more details.

Please contact us for more information about architectural cladding panels and how we can transform your building project.