Stainless Steel

Coloured & Textured Stainless Steel

Architectural Panel Systems have an extensive range of innovative and unique finished which are all supplied on a Stainless Steel substrate primarily.

These finishes can also be applied to Aluminium and other metals locally in Australia.

A majority of the finishes available are kept in stock in various sheet sizes and metal thickness. We also have access to our international mills where we can import sheets to customer specific orders, allowing flexibility in sheet sizing, colours, textures and more.

This diverse range allows us to find a solution for any project, no matter how unique the requirements may be.

Our range of stainless steel comes in flat, 2B, BA, textured, patterned, satin, mirror, platinum, bead blasted and acid etched finishes to name a few.



Stainless Steel is available in a wide range of finishes and grades, commonly used for Architectural purposes in the Australian market.

Finish Description
2B The general-purpose, cold rolled, smooth finish obtained as a result of a final light pass through polished rolls at the mill.
BA Bright annealed finish is a bright, cold rolled, highly reflective finish retained by final annealing in a controlled atmosphere furnace. The finish has large application in the appliance and automotive industry and as a decorative finish in architecture. The brightness and reflectivity is a function of thickness and grade. Consultation is recommended prior to specification in architectural applications. BA finish is usually supplied with a PE or PVC coating as a surface protection.
No. 4 Produced from 2B finish often by a service centre rather than the production mill. It is a general-purpose ground polished finish used widely for kitchen equipment and applications requiring a decorative linished finish. No.4 finish is usually supplied with a PE coating as a surface protection.
No.8 Highly reflective ‘mirror’ finish. Produced from 2B finish by polishing with successive finer abrasives following by extensive buffing. Mainly used in architectural applications.
Customer-specific A service centre with polishing equipment can produce special finished for specific applications.

Please visit the Technical Library for detailed and further information on Stainless Steel.