TECU Brass

TECU® Brass is a special alloy of copper and zinc. The result is an extremely robust façade material that changes dramatically when exposed to the atmosphere, as uniquely as pure copper. Weathering soon changes the original golden colour of TECU® Brass; during initial weathering, close inspection of the surface shows a range of colours from browns to purples while developing from overall golden to an overall brown tone. On further weathering, the brown colours become dominant, to offer a warm brown façade subtly different to that of TECU® Classic or TECU® Oxid. On inclined cladding areas, a patina layer – typical of copper, yet totally unique – gradually develops.

Download the TECU Brass brochure for further information.


TECU® Brass sheet and coil is manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities to EN 1652 and KME’s own strict guidelines. It is made of CuZn30, an alloy of CU-DHP (oxygen-free, phosphorus-deoxidised copper with limited residual phosphorus) and zinc. CuZn30 is well-suited to welding and soldering and is outstandingly malleable, regardless of temperature or rolling direction. TECU® Brass surpasses the requirements of EN 1652 regarding tolerances and the most important material properties. This gives cladding areas their excellent visual appearance.


TECU® Brass offers outstanding resistance to mechanical abrasion and corrosion, as well as exceptional durability, stability and material rigidity.

Processing & Installation

TECU® Brass can be cold-formed exceptionally well and is easy to solder. Hard soldering or brazing is possible with flux and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding is also possible. TECU® Brass is suitable for angle-seam and batten-roll cladding techniques, self-supporting panels, and, due to its particular material properties, is very well-suited to fabrication of large-format cladding elements. The surface of TECU® Brass is covered with a film for protection during transportation, fabrication and on-site installation. The protective film should be removed immediately after installation.

Sizes & Availability

  • TECU® Brass is available in sheet and coil format. All dimensions listed below relate to semi-finished products e.g. sheet or coil, and are standard sizes. Other dimensions are available on request.
  • TECU® Brass sheets can be burnished on request.
  • For more information about semi finished and finished products such as shingles, slot-panels, cassettes, perforated and meshed sheets, please contact our TECU® Project Consulting team.
  • Download the TECU Brass Size & Availability document for further information.