APS Exclusive Metals


Elval Aluminium

The lightness of aluminium together with its proven durability and alloy strengthening makes it the ideal choice for a large variety of building and construction applications. Coated (painted), it provides architects and designers with endless options for achieving high aesthetic value and energy savings, as demonstrated by the success of several Architectural Imagination Award competitions across Europe.

Premium quality coated aluminium sheets and coils are marketed by ELVAL for building and architectural purposes in plain, corrugated and stucco finishes. Main for alloys: 1050, 3003, 3105, 3005, 3004,5052, 5754.

Following pre-treatment of the metal substrate, a liquid-based paint is applied to the coil ensuring homogeneity of the coating film. Polyester, polyurethane and PVDF systems are available according to customer specifications. This coil coating process has been proven to result in optimum colour finish and maximum durability.



Building facades, curtain walls, outdoor venetian blinds and shading elements, roofings, roller shutters, composite and partitioning walls, false and acoustic ceilings, composite or sandwich panels, decorative panels and advertising boards etc. can be produced successfully with ELVAL’s coated material.



Vestis Aluminium

The trademark Vestis identifies a grouping of prepainted aluminium strips with specific features meant for roofing and cladding, as well as for the production of gutters and roofing accessories. Vestis withstands atmospheric agents, low temperatures, ageing, UV rays and harsh marine environment: these features make Vestis the optimal solution even in the most extreme conditions.
Vestis is available also in special chromatic effects: Vestis is the best solution also in terms of uniqueness and exclusivity.

Vestis One, from Mazzonetto Spa, offers three patina look, pre-painted aluminium finishes; Verde, Copper and Grigio. Verde and Copper simulate natural copper aesthetic; capturing and mimicking stages of the material’s ageing process.

In partnership with Mazzonetto Spa, we collaborated to bring Black Graphite to market, extending the Vestis One range. The past twelve months have seen Black Graphite grow to be the most popular Vestis swatch, and one of Australia’s most popular cladding materials.

In addition to these four Vestis finishes, upon request we can import, Testa Di Moro, Natural Aluminium, RAL 9006, RAL 7016, RAL 7037 and RAL 9002 (refer to Vestis brochure for colour swatches).

Vestis Nebula is an exciting development in pre-painted aluminium and the newest addition to the AMA collection. Nebula Storm, Nebula Midnight and Nebula Luna, posses 3D qualities; evoking spectacular material depth and texture.

One of the undeniable advantages of working with pre-painted aluminium, is the reliable consistency of colour and appearance. The coil coating process is able to replicate identical finishes across different batches.



Ease Of Installation

Its lightness and ease of use allow an excellent workability even at low temperatures. Vestis H41 with thickness 0,70 mm is malleable and flexible while maintaining an high mechanical strength; it is therefore used for roofing. For cladding and gutter production we offer Vestis with thickness 0,8 – 1,0 mm with physical state H41, that has an higher resistance. Vestis is extremely scratch-resistant and is available also with stucco surface.




Falzonal Aluminium