APS rib cladding - architectural roofing

A similar finish to the Standing Seam profile, APS Rib Cladding has a very distinct and thin 25mm or 38mm high clip tray style rib.

Providing a similar finish to the Standing Seam profile, our APS Rib Cladding has a very distinct, thin rib of either a 25mm or 38mm height in a clip tray style cladding.

The overall look of the finished panel replicates the finish of a seamed panel without the use of seaming tools and clips, while also being a faster, less labour intensive option which also provides cost savings on your project.

APS Rib Cladding comes supplied with a perforated fixing strip on the side of the panel allowing for a quick, direct fixing method while also allowing for expansion and contraction of the panel.

This feature makes for a fast, simple and economical option compared to other metal roofing profiles. APS Rib Cladding offers varied panel widths and rib heights custom made to size to suit any application.

APS Rib Cladding comes in custom manufactured various widths, designed to accommodate any building application.

Please contact us for more information about architectural cladding panels and how they can transform your building project.

Download the APS Rib Cladding Brochure

Download the Interactive Nail Stip Panel file (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)