Flat Lock Panel Systems

Architectural Panel Systems Flat Panel Lock creates a simple, yet modern and elegant solution for Cladding & Facades to provide a longitudinal flat seam.

Flat Lock Panel

Flat Lock Panel

Flat Panel Lock is a traditional system which when installed creates multiple aesthetics depending on natural and artificial light reflection directly on the panels.

This cladding technique creates a “staggered, bricked or tiled” impression, giving it a real point of difference over other typical cladding systems.

Flat Panel Lock involves four interlocking folds on each of the panel’s edges, all of which are factory fabricated, concealing all fixings, to leave the building with a clean flat look.

Flat Lock Panel is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, giving the architect or designer greater flexibility and endless design options.

This system is a great selection for any projects that require complex facades, walls or shapes.

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Download the Flat Lock Panel Brochure for further details.

Download the Interactive Flat Lock Panel file (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)