Cassette Panel Systems

APS Cassette Panel System is a versatile, express joint cladding system which offers an innovative facade solution that provides a modern, excellent flat appearance.

Cassette Panel

Cassette Panel

The concealed fix method of the Cassette Panel creates a basically maintenance free facade option due to no caulking or silicone joints being required, while allowing for expansion and contraction due to thermal movement.

Cassette’s provide a wide scope for facade design, with an endless range of shapes, sizes and custom design’s to create a unique aesthetic finish.

To compliment the shapes and sizes, there is a large range of colours and finishes available for all types of budgets.

Cassette Panel is an ideal option for effectively covering large areas.

Download the Cassette Panel Brochure for further details.

Download the Interactive Cassette Panel file (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

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