TECU Classic

TECU® Classic is the brand for bright, new, sheet and coil of TECU® architectural copper. The material retains its typical bright red copper lustre for a short period of time once installed. Natural weathering is a gradual and largely predictable process, yet always individual for each project.

The result is an ever-changing spectacle of interaction between the weather, light and the material’s natural, lively language.


TECU® Classic sheet and coil is manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities to EN 1172 and KME’s own strict guidelines. It is made from Cu-DHP – oxygen-free, phosphorus-deoxidised copper with limited residual phosphorus. Cu-DHP is well suited to welding and soldering, and is minimum 99.9% pure copper. Cu-DHP is outstandingly malleable, regardless of temperature or rolling direction.
Both roof and façade grades surpass the requirements of EN 1172 regarding tolerances and the most important material properties. This gives cladding areas their excellent visual appearance.


  • TECU® Classic sheet and coil starts off with a bright and shiny copper surface. After installation, it develops a matt, dark brown surface due to natural weathering and oxidation. During initial weathering, before the dark brown oxidised layer is established on the copper’s surface, a range of brown shades and even purplish hues can develop.
  • On inclined cladding areas, the oxide layers are transformed by more intensive reaction to airborne substances and moisture, and coloured alkaline copper compounds form. A ‘typical copper’ patina green develops over time. This lends the building an unmistakeable accent, and the protective nature of the patina layer contributes to the material’s outstanding longevity.


Processing & Installation

A combination of copper’s typical properties (such as malleability, high ultimate elongation, high melting point etc.) lend TECU® Classic its particular suitability to all metal-working processes & techniques, from traditional seaming to modern cladding fabrication. TECU® Classic is available in standard Roofing-grade as well as superior Facade-grade qualities.

Size & Availability

  • TECU® Classic is available in sheet and coil format. All dimensions listed below relate to semi-finished products e.g. sheet or coil, and are standard sizes. Other dimensions are available on request.
  • For more information about semi-finished and finished products such as shingles, slot-panels, cassettes, perforated and meshed sheets, please contact our TECU® Project Consulting team