VM Zinc Standing Seam

April 13, 2016

VM Zinc has been used as an innovative building solution for architects, designers, building contractors and trades around the world for over 160 years.

VM Zinc is malleable, recyclable, and discrete.

Paired with our Standing Seam system, VM Zinc is an ideal system for all façade applications due to its taut and regular appearance.

The procedure consists of mechanically seaming the 2 sheets together, along their entire length of the seam.

VM Zinc Standing Seam is an economical, cost effective and high performing, proven solution for modern facades and cladding.

The low height of the seams contributes to the agility and uniformity of the roof, whilst highlighting its architectural purpose.

VM Zinc is now available in a wide range of colours which includes, Natural, Quartz, Anthra, Azengar and the prestigious range of Pigmento colours which includes Brown, Lichen Green, Ash Blue and Autumn Red.

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