Major Projects – St Josephs Mews

August 17, 2015

Manufacturing is about to begin on our recently awarded project, St Josephs Mews.

Located in Elgin St, Hawthorn, St Josephs Mews is an independent living facility which houses 69 individual apartments.

The project consists of five levels as well as basement parking facilities, gym, multi-purpose room, wellness facilities, theatre and wine cellar.

St Josephs Mews is being constructed around the heritage listed St Josephs Church.

The projects cladding and façade portion consists of mainly VM Zinc Cladding.

VM Zinc Interlocking Panel and VM Zinc Cassette Panel are the 2 systems being used.

VM Zinc Cassette Panel Lichen Green and VM Zinc Cassette Panel Quartz are the 2 chosen colours.

VM Zinc Interlocking Panel Lichen Green and VM Zinc Cassette Panel Quartz, also make up the bulk of the façade at St Joesphs Mews.

All up, the project consists of 2,500m2 of VM Zinc Cladding.

Due to the projects size, the VM Zinc Lichen Green and VM Zinc Quartz material had to be specially ordered from the VM Zinc mill in France.

Architectural Panel Systems are involved in cladding and façade works in Hawthorn, Melbourne, across Victoria and throughout the country.