Timbaclad – Woodgrain Metal Cladding

May 19, 2015

Introducing “Timbaclad” – Woodgrain Metal Cladding by Architectural Panel Systems (Aust)

Architectural Panel Systems introduces its newest and most innovative range of panel system “Timbaclad”

Timbaclad Panel is a unique metal cladding system, ideal for use on any project that wants to achieve the natural look, feel, warmth and texture of timber cladding, without the downfalls of using real timber.

The concealed fixing method, distinctive express joint, along with the smart choice of a steel base provides an appealing aesthetic finish which is strong, durable and designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Timber is a timeless and classic material, which blends naturally into all environments, but ongoing maintenance, fading, splitting and premature aging tends to find people looking for alternative finishes, so when deciding on a timber finish for your next project, consider using a Timbaclad alternative and keep the warmth and natural feel on your project while reaping the practical benefits of a steel based product.

Available in our signature range of finishes, which includes Mild Mahogany & Natural Jarrah

Woodgrain Metal Cladding by Architectural Panel Systems (Aust)

Find our more about “Timbaclad” from the home page, navigating under the header “Facades & Cladding”