Vestis Aluminium

Materials & Finishes – Vestis Aluminium

The trademark Vestis identifies a grouping of prepainted aluminium strips with specific features meant for roofing and cladding, as well as for the production of gutters and roofing accessories. Vestis withstands atmospheric agents, low temperatures, ageing, UV rays and harsh marine environments; these features make Vestis the optimal solution even in the most extreme conditions. Vestis is available also in special chromatic effects; Vestis is the best solution also in terms of uniqueness and exclusivity.

High Resistance

Thanks to its special top coating, Vestis guarantees extreme stability even if exposed to UV rays and extreme resistance against atmospheric agents and pollution.

These features, certified by strict quality controls, make Vestis resistant over time and maintenance free.

Ease Of Installation

Its lightness and ease of use allow an excellent workability even at low temperatures.

Vestis H41 with thickness 0.70mm is malleable and flexible while maintaining a high mechanical strength; it is therefore used for roofing in the 0.7mm thickness.

For cladding and gutter production, we offer Vestis with a thickness of 0.8mm – 1.0mm with a physical state H41 that has a higher resistance.

Vestis is extremely scratch-resistant and is available also with a stucco surface.


Vestis has a very favourable price-quality ratio and a greater price stability over time.

Ecological & Recyclable

Vestis is atoxic and 100% recyclable.

For further information on the colours, products and services available in the Vestis Range, please download the Vestis Aluminium Brochure