Half Round Gutters

Half Round Gutters are the most practical and functional gutters available on the market.

These gutters overflow towards the front of the gutter and have more capacity than traditional gutters.

Half Round Gutters are self cleansing and have much better water flow than traditional gutters.

Also on offer in our range of Architectural Gutters is the Ogee Gutter 136mm and the Quad Spout Maxi 136mm, both available in a copper finish.

Our range of Half Round Gutters are also available with both a Standard or European bead design.

Half Round Gutters are available in our complete range of finishes.


Standard Sizes with bead available in COLORBOND, COLORBOND Ultra, COLORBOND Metallic and Stainless Steel.

NOTE: Zincalume, Galvanised, Copper, Zinc, Titanium Zinc are available with a European bead unless otherwise specified.

 Diameter   C(mm)  D (mm)  AREA in mm  Litres per meter
 100mm  10  105  4300  4.3
 125mm  10  127  6300  6.3
 150mm  10  153  9200  9.2
 200mm  10  192  14500  14.5
 250mm  10  250  24500  24.5
 300mm  10  300  35300  35.3
 350mm  10  350  48100  48.1
 400mm  10  400  62800  62.8